Core Devteam

Project Leads

  • PJB
  • Firgof Umbra


  • SLYFo
    • SLYFo Medbridge2 variant
    • Ground base sets
    • Vehicles/Fighters
    • Weapons
  • Hysteria
    • Smallbridge
    • Kriegshield (WIP)
    • Door SEnts
  • Mr Armageddon/Glenskunk
    • Medbridge2
    • Vehicle pods/fighter parts


  • Paradukes
    • Weapons
    • Hardpoint System
    • Fighter coding
  • FishFace
    • Hangar systems
    • Fighter coding
  • Hysteria

Article needs to get the rest of the core devteam down (For the purposes of this article, a member of the core devteam is someone with their own major set in the model pack, consistant coders, etc. We can rearrange it as needed once we get everyone down, but this will hopefully keep it organized until the finalized article can be made) , and then start listing the rest of the regular contributors. Just sort of a credits page listing model sets and major contributions if people are curious.

Also please make note of steamID AND Facepunch user name, in case someone needs to get in contact with one of us about something, just makes it a little bit easier to find each of us if somebody needs some help.

I'm mostly filling out my prop contributions because that's what I'm most familiar with, the other entries are nowhere near doneSLYFo 18:58, 24 February 2009 (UTC)