Where power and survival hang on the fringe, colonising one planet at a time, welcome to SBEPRP.

As of this moment, the material on this page is only theoretical; there is no official release for it yet.


The overall goal of this gamemode is to provide a competive enviroment in which our more sophisticated and non-minge players may spend their hour-or-two a day. This gives us the SpaceBuild feel with an Enhanced Roleplaying Experience. Bringing SB3 to a whole new level of interaction, enjoyment, and involvement, this gamemode promises to be one of the most prominent of it's kind, giving players plenty of choices and plenty of time to choose them wisely.

In-game Objectives Edit

Mining Edit

It is a vast universe in which the player is immersed, and this virgin frontier contains a bounty of natural resources to exploit, off which you- or your group- may profit from. Through refining and selling mined minerals found on asteroids and planets, there is a large fortune to be made, but a due to such factors as the fact that you're mining on the fringes of space, as well as the threat of raiders, it can be a hefty investment, but worth every decimal in the long run.


Miner concepts

Certain procedures and equipment are mandatory for mining successfully; drills, excavators, refineries and processing plants are just a few examples of necessary equipment for tackling the untouched resources of space. Planet-side, ground-based vehicles are the obvious preference, but specialized mining vessels are needed for operations on or around asteroids.

The specifics for SBEPRP mining are currently in the works.

Process Edit

How it works Edit

The Gamemode would give you 1 or 2 Large Nodes to set up a forward base or something of the sorts, depending on your role, and you'd go from there. The diagram off to the right there shows the opponent's build grid, obtained by a T.O.E. installation, trade of records, spying, or some other means of probing. Of course, this isn't exactly to scale, but it shows what I'm talking about; the green represents Vehicles/Ships, purple represents world spawned buildings(usually built into the map itself), the orange is the border of their build grid, the red(crosses in this case) represents the base defenses(turrets or maybe even a disruption field of some sort), the yellow is player spawned buildings, the blue stands for LS devices (the big blue box at 0,0,0 on my grid is the main(large) resource node), and the black dots are just guides for (0,0) pay no heed to them.
SBEP Buildgrid Example2

Conceptual radar scan of a well-along base (BuildGrid Mode)

Professions Edit

Professions are almost like Jobs in a normal RP, two diffrences really, one: they're bigger and better, two: they aren't jobs. Here is a short list of example Races(Factions?), Professions, and Classes that you could choose to be to suit your playing style:

Mauraders Edit

  • Raider: They would make their living off of raiding bases and cargo ships. They would sell their wares to the Black Market Dealer, and would also get their weapons and equipment from him. Most important of all, Raiders are shot on sight and are considered Enemies of the State and Public.

Millitary Edit

Ranks just like any other military force. Get missions assigned to rank up and defend the people of your Faction.

  • MIP(Military Police): Basic role of a Police Officer, aside from a few differences, such as: Heavier Weaponry, acts as a Millitia, and may be promoted by Millitary.
  • Soldier: Your war-time-heroes, front line defense against foreign invasions, more tasks than an MP (tasks may be similar, but their jurisdiction would not be limited to planet side).

Civillian Edit

  • Colonist: This is your default class. He can drive ships(but he can't drive freighters or transports), run basic equipment, get permits for weapons, and get trained to become a different class. Training to be a different class, such as Engineer, takes time and money. As a Colonist you can also run low-grade mining equipment, but, as you progress into a Class other than Miner you loose the ability to run any mining equipment at all.
  • Miners: More you mine the more you make. Find a vein or area with abundant <insert mineral name here> and defend it from Raiders or other Miners, sign treaties or contracts with other Factions and/or Alliances to secure a trade route and protection. They would also be the only ones able to run the mining equipment. The things that they mine, such as aluminum, would be used to make materials for making ships and their parts. You can buy materials from automated stores for certain prices, so Miners would be encouraged to sell competitively(ie, lower than the stores; but for sake of the economy you could only go so low).
  • Engineer: They make the weapons, and also repair & build ships. They must get a permit to make and sell weapons. Unlike the Miner, they set price of their products, due to the fact that there is no store for weapons(although they are encouraged to sell low because there would be competition).
  • Scientist: They would be the ones who make the advances in technology. Examples of advanced technology: stronger hulls, better weapons, energy shielding, more efficient Life Support, etc. They would get money by selling their patents and products(?) to merchants.
  • Merchant: They would be the ones who sell the vehicles for making ships(seats), and the premade ships, and they would be the ones Engineers go to to sell their ships, and who the Miners sell their resources to. There would be a minimum price on all the things that they sell, except the ships built by Engineers. They would not give the Engineers their own money, but the money of the company that they represent. The companies would be non-existent, but the Merchant would have a set amount of money to give to people who sell to them, which slowly regenerates over time.
  • Pilot: They would be the transport for people, because the minimum prices of ships would be quite high. They would also be the people who transported cargo(weapons/ship seats/materials), because only a Pilot can fly a cargo freighter or transport. They could get extra speed/maneuverability from their ships, and would be able to legally fly almost any ship except military type ones.
  • Black Market Dealer: The Dealer would be the merchant for the people who can't go through the legal process to get weapons. They would sell their wares the same way the Merchant does: by giving money from the people who sponsor them. They could give missions to Pilots to transport illegal goods(think: smugglers), which they would get from their sponsors(other players?). They would split the money with the people who did their work.
  • Colonial Governor: This is the guy in charge. He can hand out permits, rescind any permit that has been handed out, and put out and rescind warrants. He would be voted into and office. He could also be voted out or replaced. As of now, there's no special criteria to fill this position, aside from public favor.

Androids Edit

General Server Rules Edit

1. Don't kill without a Valid reason, and that doesn't mean "becos imma pirate/raider/minge"


2. Keep to Smallbridge-sized ships or no larger then 2-3 medbridge pieces (less laggy then a million SB pieces of the same size), sure it's epic having a massive half-a-planet Battlecruiser, but what's the point if you're the only one using it?

And you can always just slap an AIOFM to any of the Vehicular SEnts, and fly around space anyhow.


3. NO PLANET DRAINERS. This should be simple enough, no mass of Air Compressors sucking up the Spawnplanet's atmosphere, and no fucking twenty solar panels with a shield around it making it invulnerable, and no Asgardbeamspam/Flak's on top of that to stop people MACcing you.


4. There's a Reason why the Goldfish Bomb is ADMIN ONLY, using Adv. Dupe to spawn one will lead to SERIOUS repercussions. Even if it's welded to your ships engines as a self-destruct device only. (So if you want.... just spam fusion reactors on your ship and overload them..... and then you dont need a goldfish bomb.)


5. Metagaming: A Definition of taking Out of Context information for your own gain, so like if somebody said "I'm going to raid his base in like ten minutes" you immediately take that info, and prepare a counter-attack or Ship-killer, only for the guy to turn up and be obliterated in advanced with no warning. Don't do this, because with enough evidence, It WILL Result in a ban.


6. Remember, this is Roleplay (so everyone is retardedly overpowered), so if you have a chance to passive during a Long space journey, DO SO. The entire world ain't gonna turn against you for ten seconds while you write a simple /me..

7. Most important thing, Stay in character. Please. For the sake of roleplaying. Stay in Character. If not, it will result in a ban. Stay in character at all times...... even when not playing gmod, Fly your spaceship in your bath if you have to.

8. Always listen to the admins, Make sure you listen to them moan the same way your mom does every night :) Love from Miraak Obama.

Things to Add Edit

  • Ration info
  • Colonising
  • Capturing land/Defending
  • Losing/Winning(?)
  • Limits to Technologies
  • Trading System. You have resources, another guy has ships. Your fleet is a little thin, and he's running low on resources. (May have to remove undo functionality to prevent cheating)
  • Maintaining an account
  • Races, Professions, and Classes
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