Posted on FP, needs cleanup and clarification, but it'll have to do for now.

Just a heads up, but I've uploaded the microfier code. It's admin only for now (and will likely stay that way). In fact, since it currently requires lua code in the console, it'll probably only work in singleplayer. I'll fix that when I have more time.

To use it, spawn a Microship entity (under SBEP - Other), then position and orient the entity to the contraption you want it to shrink.

If the contraption is intended to be stationary, then you can stick the Microship entity wherever you like. If you want the ship to be flyable, position it where you'd want the camera to be. Keep in mind, the controls are VERY crude at the moment, so you might want to do some clever trickery with a gyropod or something and make your own flight-system. Your call.

Also, if you want the ship to be automatically flyable, knock it against a chair or vehicle. It should link up by itself. Like I said though, the flight-systems are crude.

Once the entity is positioned, weld it to the contraption. Then type the following code in the console: Code:

lua_run player.GetByID(1):GetEyeTrace().Entity:BuildClientModel(x)

Replace "X" with the scale you want the model shrunk (or for that matter grown) to. It's a multiplier, so 1 makes no difference, 0.1 shrinks the model to one tenth its size, 0.01 to one hundredth, and so on. Uber-gargantuan ships are also an option. Set the scale to about 10-100 and hope to god you don't crash anything...

Currently it doesn't play well with bipedal ragdolls. No idea why, but they don't shrink. Head-crabs, ant-lions and a few others work, but humans and most ragdolls will not.