Hardpoint overview:

The Hardpoint System allows fast gun attachment to Scripted Vehicles, Scripted Turrets, and any other entities that are compatible. All guns automatically attach themselves, so manually constraining them is unnecessary. Furthermore, some small vehicles, like the assault pods, can be attached to other, larger, vehicles using the hardpoint system, allowing for multiple-user attack-platforms.

Hardpoint usage:
Gm flatgrass20080049

The cockpit of a hardpoint-equipped ship

The use of the Hardpoint System is very simple. Just smack a weapon against any vehicle or turret with compatible hardpoints. It will automatically attached to the vehicle or turret. To dismount a weapon just remove it with the "Remover" tool.

Hardpoints in scripted vehicles have their own firing menu. While inside a vehicle with hardpoints, a panel should appear in the lower left corner of the HUD. The panel consists of three columns, consisting of two numbers and a string of text. The numbers correspond to the weapons attached to the vehicle. The text should indicate the type of weapon in each slot, and in some cases the weapons current status. The panels indicate which weapons are enabled for the appropriate mouse-button. Weapons with an illuminated panel on the left will fire when you press the left mouse button, while weapons with the right number column illuminated will fire when you press the right mouse button. To enable or disable a weapon for the left mouse-button, press the corresponding number on your keyboard. To enable or disable a weapon for the right mouse-button, hold ALT while pressing the number.

Note that sometimes a weapon mounted on a hardpoint refuse to shoot. In this case deactivate and reactivate its slot and it should be fixed.

Hardpoint types:

There are several sizes of hardpoints listed below. The bigger the slot type, the bigger the weapon you can attach.






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