• Getting started
  • Setting up your SVN program
  1. Navigate to in your browser of choice.
  2. Click DOWNLOAD in the left side of the screen
  3. Download the INSTALLER that applies to your system.
  4. Install Tortoise SVN, following the instructions on screen. If prompted, restart the computer.
  • Setting up the SBEP SVN
  1. Navigate to your Steamapps/<yourSteamaccount>/Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Addons folder, and create a new folder called SBEP or something similar.
  2. Right click the new SBEP folder and select SVN CHECKOUT. When a window pops up asking for a repository URL, input
  3. If it asks for a Username/Password, use anonsvn for both.
  4. Allow the update to complete, and when done, if prompted/the update window does not automatically close, select OK.
  5. You have successfully installed the SBEP!
  • Required mods and addons

Addons that are required to make SBEP work.

  1. GCombat
  2. Wiremod
  3. Wiremod models
  4. Wiremod Adv Dupe
  5. Nuke Pack 4 - Account and valid copy of GMod required to download!
  • Recommended Addons

Addons that are useful on multiplayer servers installed with SBEP.

  1. Spacebuild 3 - SBEP does not require this gamemode to work.
  2. Custom Addon Framework
  3. LifeSupport 3
  4. LS3 Entities
  5. Resource Distribution 3
  6. Resource Transit System
  • Optional Addons

Addons that are not required or recommended, but add to Spacebuild.

  1. Mining Addon
  2. Gas Systems II (63,6 MB) (Quick SVN Export)
  3. Petrol Systems
  4. Black hole Cache
  5. Unofficial Wiremod extras

XMorcamX's SBEP Video Tutorials

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