Other Edit

The few items belonging to the "Other" category.

Analouge Lever Edit

A simple lever. Usage:Wire the input values "Min" and "Max" to the numbers you want and the output "Value" to that which you wish to control. Then hold "E" while looking at the lever and move it.

Flare Launcher Edit

Launches a red flare. The reason for it's existence are unknown to me. Usage:Wire "Launch" to pretty much anything that outputs a value.

Grav Generator Edit

At time it seems to lock you in place. Would advise you not to use it.

Grav Rotator Edit

Does nothing it seems.

Infestor Edit

Some kind of bug-thingy that multiplies,sucks your life and are generally awesome. Usage:Point. Spawn. ???. Profit? Use at own risk.

Propeller Edit

Have no idea what it's supposed to do. It produces lift if it is spinning, use a motor. More torque means more lift.

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