• So you want to start contributing to the SBEP? This guide will help you along the process, from modelling to putting your idea in-game.

Process Overview:

  • Involves creating the detail mesh, scaling it properly, and applying smoothing where necessary.
Collision Model
  • Involves creating the phys model using convex objects, applying a unique smoothing group to each element, and making sure there are no open edges
  • Involves the creation of a material library, application of materials to the model, and setting a UV modifier.
  • Involves exporting files to a folder.
  • Involves writing up a .QC file, compiling the files you created during the "Exporting" step, and placing the output files into the SBEP models directory in Gmod.
In-game testing
  • Involves spawning your model in-game, paying special attention to make sure that materials are applied as intended, and that the collision model is accurate and not truncated in any way.

Process In Depth

  1. modelling
  2. collision model
  3. texturing
  4. exporting
  5. compiling

Step-by-step Tutorials for specific models

  • Sub-Article model1
  • Sub-Article model2
  • Sub-Article model3
  • Sub-Article model4

Other Information