You will need:

  1. GuiStudioMDL
  2. The Source SDK, downloaded via STEAM
  3. the Sample QC File

SBEP Tut GuiStudio


  • Before doing anything, download the SDK, once that's done, run halflife 2 to the main menu, quit, run the source SDK, run the model viewer in the source SDK, and quit. This will allow all necessary files to download and must be done.
  • Put the GuiSudioMDL executable in the sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin folder
  • Set up your Ep1 tool path when prompted. Set to compile to "halflife 2"
  • OPTIONAL-set up your orange box tool path as well
  • Write up your .QC file, and save as Modelname.qc, saved as all times, not .txt text document.
  • Drag your .qc file from the model folder onto the GuiStudioMDL Executable
  • Press "COMPILE"
  • Done! Retrieve the files from the half life 2/hl2/models/SBEP_community folder and place them in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/SBEP_models/models/SBEP_community folder
  • Load up garrysmod and find your brand new model in the browse menu for testing.
  • If everything works properly, contact an SBEP team member and if the model is up to quality expectations then we'll take a look at it, and possibly upload it to the SVN so everybody can use it.


  • If it says something along the lines of "WARNING!:Costly collision model:Truncating", then you will need to re-compile the model with the "full collide" option selected
  • If you get DLL errors for either Tier0.dll or vstdlib.dll, you can find those in other steam game/bin folders, or failing that find them online and place them in the sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin folder
  • If you get an access violation...good luck to you. You'll need it.
  • If you get any error about the collision model that is NOT about a costly collision model, you've done something wrong in 3DS and need to fix it and then re-export.
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