Airlock Edit

Airlocks are a pair of entities in SBEP that can connect seamlessly when activated and when a partner is in range. When activated via its Dock input, it will search for a corresponding activated part. Once a partner is in range, it will 'tractor beam' to link the two pieces together. Airlock parts come in Smallbridge DWDH, DWSH, SWSH and medbridge sized. Smallbridge sized parts only link together with the corresponding B part (if A part) or the A part (If B part). The Medbridge sized part simply requires another part ready to dock. It is however, recommended to test the part to see where the electric field signifying the airlock is. If the dock action is activated and the (purely graphical) electric bar appears on the inside of the ship, then remove the airlock and try again.

The Airlock has an output which defaults to 1. This value signifies the airlock's current state.

Value Status
1 Inactive.
2 Searching for Partner.
3 Partner found; attempting link.
4 Linked with partner.