Advanced gyro pods are similar to their Gyro Pod predecessors. They also allow custom ships to fly like the scripted vehicles, but allows for easier construction and more functions.

Usage: The advanced gyro pod uses wiremod's advanced pod controller to control its movements. Here are the steps.

  1. Spawn an advanced pod controller. Link said pod controller to your desired control vehicle (chair, pod, etc).
  2. Spawn a button and link the functionality "Activate" from the gyro pod to the button. Alternatively, you could wire the "Activate" function to a key via the advanced pod controller. If you don't want the ship to fall to the ground when you get out of the seat, wire it to a constant value of 1.
  3. Wire all the desired ship control functions: forward, backwards, etc.
  4. Move your gyro pod to the desired location on your ship. Locating the pod at the front will make the ship handle like a fighter, and the further back it is, the more the gyro will handle like a capital ship.
  5. Finally, wire every single component aboard the ship to the gyro. This is a key step in the creation of a gyro pod vessel. Failure to do this will result in black holes and lag due to physics collision.

Additional text:

3a. To activate permanent mouse control, take out the adv. gyro pod tool, right click your gyro pod, and then right click your desired control vehicle.

4a. If you are not satisfied with you ship's handling, you can spawn a "Constant Value" variable from the wire menu. Numbers <1 will decrease sensitivity, and numbers >1 will increase it. Afterwards, wire the desired function's multiplier (yaw multiplier, move multipler, etc) from the gyro pod to the constant value.

5a. As an added measure, it is generally accepted to parent all objects on a ship to another object, contrary to common belief welding everything to everything is stupid and crashes servers. Whoever put weld all to weld all here needs to get some SpaceBuild skills, more constraints = pointless lag. Parenting gives the ship one collision frame and removes all collisions between objects. Welding makes more constraints giving annoying sounds and deterioration to the server uptime..

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